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Privacy Policy - Terms of Use

 Participation and registration on the website is voluntary. We are only allowed to register those individuals who have reached the age of 16. When you sign up, you confirm that you are at least 16 years old. When you sign up, you are obliged to provide only accurate information about yourself, including a precise PayPal email address, to successfully receive remuneration for the rewards you earn. When you sign up, you agree that is not responsible for the inaccurate information you provide. When signing up, you agree that your personal data may be transferred to our cooperation partners. Greenpanthera is not responsible for processing of your personal data done by our co-op partners. Registration is considered complete when you have agreed to the Terms of Use, the conditions and requirements of your privacy statement, and have provided all required information and approved your registration application.Before using the services offered by third parties, we always recommend that you read the terms of use and privacy policy of their website. One physical person may have only one account. The website has the right to delete your user account if you have not signed in for at least last 6 months, in case of breakage Terms of Use, or if the user has committed illegal or fraudulent activities. Using our services, you'll be able to earn discounts to successfully shop online at various stores on our website. Remember that every store has its own terms of use or regulations, and privacy policies. To be able to receive cashback, you need to log into  user account, click on one of the stores’ hyperlinks listed in our shopping field, and then make the selected purchase. If you do not use the store hyperlinks on our website to make your order or the links do not work at the moment of your attempty, you will not receive cashback for your purchase.

1. Means for the return of the value of the goods are charged to the account of a member of the club after transferring them to the company store.

2. If the store did not confirm the purchase, the Club does not return the money On some days we will offer an opportunity to earn rewards for completing a daily poll/survey. You may only do this poll/survey once a day. You will not receive credit for answering it more than once. Completing it more than once will lead to reversal of credits.

In order to qualify for the poll/surveys, you must be located in the country you mentioned. You must answer all questions truthfully and not rush through the questions. If you qualify and complete it successfully, you will receive credit within a few business days once we verify your successful completion. You will only receive credit for the survey/poll if you qualify, successfully complete it, and the client verifies the successful completion. If the client reverses or rejects the completion due to quality or other reason, you will not get rewarded for that survey/poll. We are not obligated to give you credit if the client does not want to pay for your completion. has the right to close your account without payment should we or the client find quality issues or fraudulent responses.If your survey completes appear in reversal reports due to poor qualityt from any of the clients more than 5 times, GreenPanthera will close your account permanently without any payment cashout and any additional explanation.  You are only allowed to have one filled-out profiler with It is against the terms to have multiple accounts and to take surveys. Membership in is limited to one account per household per IP. Should we find multiple accounts, we will delete all of them without payment regardless of the membership status. The only exception to this rule is that multiple people in the household can shop to receive rebates as long as they all share one account. We are not responsible for any delays in payments due to technical issues. You must have a minimum of 30$ in order to redeem your rewards. Withdrawals take 4-10 business days to process. You may redeem your rewards with Paypal. Limitation of Liability is not responsible for quality, customer service, stock availability, content, promises or policies of any of our partners. Any customer service inquiries must be addressed directly with the store. Privacy Policy takes all the necessary precautions possible in order to protect private member data. We do not sell or trade data to 3rd parties.

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