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Privacy policy – terms of use.


We, “Greenpanthera”, have undertaken to protect and honour your privacy.

This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) explains how “Greenpanthera” operates with personal data. This Policy refers to “Greenpanthera” website and service, that has got links to it (jointly called “Services”). Sometimes Service will forward to another Privacy Policy where the concrete Service privacy policy will be set out.

We can change and ungrade this Policy from time to time. That is why sometimes check this page to ensure that changes satisfy you.


While using our services you agree, that this Policy becomes binding to you.

If you have any questions concerning this Privacy Policy, please, contact our Support Service writing to:

What are we?

“Greenpanthera” is international market research website access to which is voluntary. By joining us, you'll be able to earn additional income, such as operating online, filling out market research surveys, watching video materials, visiting other websites, attracting new users when shopping online.

For instance, additional income you can get when joining us, operating online, is from 0,1$ (ten cents) for watching video materials for one minute up to 1$ (one Dollar) for filling out market research survey that can take you up to 15 minutes of your time; also up to 5% (five percent) money recovery out of purchase sum for shopping at any of “Greenpanthera” website online portals.

Based on Your registration in “Greenpanthera” website, transferring your personal data for processing, in conformity with General Data Protection Regulation, we are operating as a Manager., A & K International Inc,  157 Barlow Drive South Brooklin, NY 11243

How do we collect your data?

We get data from you when you use our website with first-time registration. By drawing your attention to the fact that you are responsible for providing accurate data to “Greenpanthera” and in the event of changes, you are obliged to correct your personal data in your user account.

We inform that registration in the portal “Greenpanthera” is allowed to natural/physical persons who have reached 16 years of age.

What data are collected from you?

Based on General Data Protection Regulation, we collect personal data from you – that is any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural/physical person.

When registering, the required personal data to be identified are:

·       Name, family name – for identification of physical/natural person;

·       E-mail – for the framework for registration and prior consent for the receipt of market surveys;

·       PayPal e-mail – for redirecting of your earned income to your PayPal account;

·       Data on birth -  to identify if a person is not younger than 16.

For registration, voluntary data for the analysis of market research:

·     State, city/town, postal code;

·       Gender;

·       Education;

·       Family status;

·       Profession;

·       Number of family members;

·       Amount of income.

This list is not comprehensive and can vary according to the Manager's interests.

How are your data used?

“Greenpanthera” will use your data for security of registration transaction, and, based on your previous consent, your data can be transmitted to third parties for achievement of their objectives. We inform you in advance that your voluntary consent to the transfer of data to a third party can be revoked at any time on your choice by making changes to your “Greenpanthera” personal user account, under section “Personal Data”.

How long do we preserve your data?

We will preserve/store your data in our system as long you haven’t used your rights to delete your user account in “Greenpanthera” system. As well as at any time, you have the option to delete a voluntary indicated category of data.

Who has access to your data?

We will not transfer your information to third parties for marketing purposes unless you have provided explicit consent. You can cancel this consent at any time by restoring your account settings online when it is possible or communicating with our Support Centre.

We inform that we are legal to transfer your personal data, without your consent, to competent institutions in cases of crime prevention.

Transfer of your data to offshore countries:

We can transfer your personal data to any of our cooperation partners outside the European Union or the European Economic Area, upon receipt of your voluntary consent-permit, which we are obliged to receive for the transfer of your personal data. We inform that these third world countries may not have the same data protection laws as your country or the European Union.

Please, contact our Support Service ( ), if you want to get any specific or concrete information.

Your choices.

We will not contact you via email for marketing purposes, unless you have given us prior permission to do that. You can change your mind any time and not to receive marketing information any more by contacting our Support Service or restoring your account settings online when it is possible.

Your rights.

You have certain legitimate rights concerning your personal data processing. These rights are:

a.         Rights to be informed on the way your personal data are used.

b.        Rights to access your personal data.

c.         Rights to specify if your personal data are incorrect.

d.        Rights to delete your personal data.

e.         Rights to limit usage of your personal data processing.

f.         The right to portability of data.

g.        Rights to object to how your personal data are used.

h.        Rights related to automatic decision taking and profiling.

If it seems to you your personal data are processed incorrectly or you have objections against how your personal data is processed, you have the right to complain.

You can complain to our Support Centre or Data Protection Authority in your country or any EU country, outlining how the processing of data by “Greenpanthera”  has affected your rights.

“Greenpanthera” European Union supervising institution is:, A & K International Inc,  157 Barlow Drive South Brooklin, NY 11243

How can you access your data and update them?

You have the right to ask “Greenpanthera” for a copy of your personal data. If you ask for access to your personal data, we will be happy to provide it with any binding legal requirements and exceptions, including identity checking procedures. Before providing the data, we will ask for an identity certificate and sufficient information about your communication with us so that we can find any relevant data. We can also charge for the issue of a copy of your data (except where it is not allowed by local legislation).

For us your data accuracy is very important. That is why – if you want to get a copy of your personal data at our disposal, or if you change your e-mail address or any other of your data that are at our disposal, if data is incorrect or outdated, please, contact our Support Service -

Existing security measures to protect from loss, abuse or tampering of your data:

When you give us personal data, we take the necessary steps to ensure that it is processing is safe. Any sensitive information (for example, information about a PayPal account (e-mail) is encrypted and protected. On our websites, when you're on a secure webpage, a lock icon appears in most Internet browser address bar.

Non-sensitive information (your e-mail address, etc.) is transferred through the Internet on a normal path and, in this case, 100% security can never be given. Therefore, although we are trying to protect your personal data, we cannot guarantee the security of the data that you have transferred to us, and you are transferring them on your own responsibility. When we receive your data, we do everything possible to ensure their security in our systems. You are responsible for the privacy of your password that you choose at creating an account. We ask you not to reveal your password to anyone!


Profiling is the processing of any kind of automatic personal data to analyse or predict behaviour. We don't do it.

Usage of cookies.

As many other websites, “Greenpanthera” website uses cookies. Cookies are small sets of information that the organization sends to your computer and stores on your hard drive to allow this website to recognize you when you visit the site. They collect statistical data on your browsing activities and models, and do not identify you as an individual. For example, we use cookies to preserve the language you use. This helps to improve our website and provide a better, more personalized service.

It is possible to turn off cookies when changing your browser settings. For more information about how to switch off cookies on your computer, see our full Terms of Cookie Usage. Turning down cookies can cause functionality problems when using our website.

Links to other websites.

Our website contains links to other websites managed by other organizations. This Privacy Policy applies only to our website, so we encourage you to read privacy policies and terms of usage on other websites you visit. We can't be responsible for the privacy policies and practices of other websites if you access them through links on our website.

Moreover, if you have accessed our website from a third-party website, we cannot be responsible for the privacy policies, practices of the owners and managers of this third-party website; and we recommend you to check this third-party site’s Policy.

Social networks.

Some of our services include social networking features such as Facebook ® “Like” button and widgets, “Share” buttons and interactive mini programs. These services can collect information, such as websites and IP addresses that you visit, and you can set up cookies to ensure proper operation of the functions. We are not responsible for the security or privacy of data collected by these third parties. It is advised to review data privacy policies and terms of use or policies applicable to third-party services that you join, use or access.

Terms of Use

Membership is absolutely free and registration is completed on a voluntary basis. We only allow those who are over the age of 18 to participate in our program. By registering, you acknowledge that you are at least 18 years old. By registering, you are required to provide reliable and valid information as well as valid payment details for us to process your reward successfully. By registering, you agree that or our advertisers/partners are not responsible for any invalid information you provide. By registering, you acknowledge that some data submitted online as a result of your participation may be transmitted to a third party. is not responsible for wrongful acts of 3rd parties. registration considered as completed when personal data and profiler are fully completed and only after that bonus 5$ is credited to your GP balance.
We always recommend that you read the privacy policy and terms of the 3rd party before participating in the opportunity. You may only have one account per household. has the right to delete accounts due to inactivity (6 months), violation of the user agreement, or if a member commits illegal or fraudulent activities. Account Balance and Payments You will have an opportunity to earn rebates for successfully shopping online at various stores located in our site portal. Each store will have its own policies and terms. In order for you to receive the rebate, you must enter the site, select the store from our shopping section, click on the appropriate link/banner to enter the store, and then make a purchase. If you don’t use our links to place your order and order directly through site or over the phone or through another source, you will not receive a rebate from us. 1. Means for the return of the value of the goods are charged to the account of a member of the club after transferring them to the company store . 2. If the store did not confirm the purchase , the Club does not return the money On some days we will offer an opportunity to earn rewards for completing a daily poll/survey. You may only do this poll/survey once a day. You will not receive credit for answering it more than once. Completing it more than once will lead to reversal of credits. In order to qualify for the poll/surveys, you must be located in the country you mentioned. You must answer all questions truthfully and not rush through the questions. If you qualify and complete it successfully, you will receive credit within a few business days once we verify your successful completion. You will only receive credit for the survey/poll if you qualify, successfully complete it, and the client verifies the successful completion. If the client reverses or rejects the completion due to quality or other reason, you will not get rewarded for that survey/poll. We are not obligated to give you credit if the client does not want to pay for your completion. has the right to close your account without payment should we or the client find quality issues or fraudulent responses. You are only allowed to have one filled-out profiler with It is against the terms to have multiple accounts and to take surveys. Membership in is limited to one account per household per IP. Should we find multiple accounts, we will delete all of them without payment regardless of the membership status. The only exception to this rule is that multiple people in the household can shop to receive rebates as long as they all share one account. We are not responsible for any delays in payments due to technical issues. You must have a minimum of 30$ in order to redeem your rewards. Withdrawals take 4-10 business days to process. You may redeem your rewards with Paypal. Limitation of Liability is not responsible for quality, customer service, stock availability, content, promises or policies of any of our stores. Any customer service inquiries must be addressed directly with the store. Privacy Policy takes all the necessary precautions possible in order to protect private member data. We never register you for any advertising or 3rd party opportunities without your acknowledgement. We do not sell or trade data to 3rd parties.

Contact us:

We understand you can have questions or worries concerning these Terms of use of our Privacy Policy. Or maybe you want to submit complaint. Please, contact us any of these ways:

 Greenpanthera” e-mail:

Address: A & K International Inc,  157 Barlow Drive South Brooklin, NY 11243